Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandaddy

My sweet Grandaddy was 86 years young yesterday.

We celebrated at my parents house with lots of yummy food, courtesy of my mum and seester.

red velvet brownies
some sort of casserole with bacon.
bacon = good
MM with my Mannie and Grandaddy
It's hard to tell, but all 3 of my kiddos are in this pic

MM and Mal Mal.
And a cabbage patch kid.
hello 80's toys from my childhood.
that's my mum and her seester.
aren't they super cute?
Of course, that was back when they were still riding their horse-drawn buggy to school.
(kidding mum)

I pulled a few of my Barbies down from the closet of my old bedroom and let E play with them.
It was like Christmas,
for both of us.
Do you see the look on her face?
She was giddy.
And me?
Well I was just so darn happy that she loved them so much I could cry.
In fact, I got teary.
We brought 6 of my old Barbies home,
and left the other 238 at my parents.

I'll never forget my 14th birthday party-
my family gave me a vintage Barbie collection and my Grandaddy was just as excited to be giving me those vintage pieces as I was to be getting them.
And no, there was not a thing in the world I wanted more for my 14th birthday, except maybe some books. And some Guess jeans.

It amazes me sometimes when I think of all of the things he's seen and done in his 86 years. How much things have changed in that time.
Can you even imagine life without iphones?
Or televisions?
Or white chocolate mochas?
Such a simpler time,
and one I wouldn't mind escaping to every now and then...

I hope your Labor Day weekend was most excellent. I spent the whole of it doing a lot of laundry and a lot of Barbie playing and giving lots of kisses.
It was truly wonderful.

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