Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tea Time

For as long as I can remember, there's been a ladies tea party at my church, complete with fine table linens,
delectable teas,
scrumptious food,
and hats galore.
We were all set to don our hats once again back in April of this year,
but just as the saying goes,
"We make plans and God laughs",
our tea party was gone with the wind, just like most of our church building.

As most of you know,
the wonderful people of Open Door, another church in our city,
have graciously opened their literal doors to us which has allowed us to continue worshipping together as a church family.
On Saturday of last week, the ladies of Alberta Baptist and Open Door Baptist came together for a ladies tea party/luncheon and a wonderful time of fellowship. Our two congregations are for the most part, strangers, since we go straight into our worship service at 9:00 while their Sunday School classes are in session, and then basically swap places. Although we are occupying the same building at the same time, we're never in the same spaces, so it was lovely to share a table and get to know a few members of their church family a little better. Their pastor's wife spoke and did an amazing job of sharing the word with us. Here's a few of my favorite pictures from the day-

tea pots served as centerpieces on each table

yes, I take pictures of my food when I'm super excited about it

Melanie and Hayden

2 are serious, 2 are not...

4 are quasi-serious...
(that one's for you, Jerry)

And, since no day is complete without some sort of shenanigans from my hubs,
I leave you with this:

Happy Tuesday to ya!
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