Wednesday, September 21, 2011

kitchen reno: week 11

11 weeks.

No update from weeks 9 or 10 because,
quite frankly,
there wasn't a whole lot goin on.
that's not true.
There was a whole lotta stuff goin on,
like sink using, and milk spilling, and food re-heating, and Mickey Mouse pancake making, and tantrum throwing, and song singing, and kisses giving.

You know,
the good stuff.

Just not a whole lotta kitchen finishing.

Until Monday.

As in-
2 days ago.

Now, some of you may not find this as thrilling as we did,
but on Monday,
we gots the trim.

In my last update, the doors and windows were a bit, well...
Especially the windows, what with all that pink insulation poking out.
Downright indecent.

But not anymore!
Trim, glorious trim!

Just check out hot hawt out pantry looks now-

The man cave, hallway, and utility doors are all sportin' new trim too.
Don't they look spiffy?

While I'd love to say that we DIY'd that beautiful trim work ourselves, we actually hired a handyman that came highly recommended. He and his partner were able to finish all 7 doors and 3 windows, and prep the top of our cabinets for crown moulding. While the labor for this step of our reno isn't free, the trim actually was thanks to my dad.
Thanks Pop!

Yes, the trim still needs to be painted and yes, there is a list of about a dozen things still yet to be done in here, however- I have allowed myself to start 'dressing' the space just a bit. Not just any chotchkies will end up on those quartz counters, mind you, but here's a few things that made the cut.

This acrylic tray that was a wedding gift-
love it and it's been living in the dining room hutch for the past few years. I thought it would make a great 'catch all' for our counter-

Do you have a 'catch all'?
A spot where stuff just seems to get dumped or thrown or a place where inanimate objects just seem to gravitate?
This little sticky out part of our counters is that spot.

I thought this tray would be ideal for keys and mail and gum and a hair bow for those last minute walk-out-the-door type situations. Ultimately, this is about as full as I'd like it to be since putting anything else in here would just start to look like clutter,
but let's be real.

This is its current state.
It's okay.
I'm learning to deal.

These canisters, however, will stay nice and pretty in their spot.
I hope.
I'm sure we could junk these up somehow, but here's hoping that doesn't happen.
I scored those babies from Willow House for 80% off and they're a great place to stash coffee.

And this little nook beside the sink got gussied up as well.
The vase and flowers are from Michael's, the short canister was thrifted by my mum, and that's one of my fave pics of the kiddos.
Love being able to look at those cuties while I load the dishwasher.

This little mint pretty is also from Willow House
(back in the day when it was Southern Living at Home)
and I blogged about those flowers HERE

While the space is slowly becoming warmer with pretties like these, there is still the occasional ugly,
like this:

'Bring in an electrician to help with wiring' is still on the list of things to be done, along with 'pick out crown moulding' so that it can be installed. Our cabinets were originally supposed to reach the ceiling, and while crown moulding will help with that, it's gonna take one huge honkin' piece to cover that gap. It was also pointed out to us that our cabinets were actually hung at different heights, as in the stove side doesn't match the sink side.
That will be a post within itself one day soon, titled
Discrepancies found after the cabinet installer left the building.
Oh what a tangled web that is my friends.
Not unlike a soap opera:

As the Kitchen Turns,
Days of Our Kitchen
One Life to Live in the Kitchen

Remind me to tell you what the cabinet installer did. 

Until then,
I'll leave you with one last look at that gawgeous trim,
and a peek at what the vase is hiding.

Happy Wednesday!
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