Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What I wore Wednesday with some silliness on the side

So....back to WIWW after taking a break in the name of Christmas crafting last week. Linking up with Lindsey over at the Pleated Poppy. If you've never checked out her shop, you should. It's pure cuteness. Love her petal pushers. Here's my about-to-run-out-the-door-to-school-cuz-we're-late-again look. And please, just ignore those funky curls in my hair that are a result of putting a ponytail holder in my not quite dry yet hair. Argh. scarf- Old Navy
top- The Limited
jeans- Old Navy
boots- they're so crazy old I don't remember...seriously. I think I got these for Christmas one year when I was still living with my parents. Did I mention I'm married with 3 kiddos?
sweater- The Limited
big scary ring- hospital jewelry sale
necklace- Tiffanys


and......with a pot holder because that's silly too. Me? With a pot holder?(bwahahahaha....)

big scary and yet...still fabulous ring
(ignore terribly un-manicured nails. Unmanicured or un-manicured? I've never typed that word.)

lovely necklace
*'s December 1. I'm excited to be starting my December daily album to track all of the holiday goodness my family will be enjoying this month.
*Fell asleep posting about Thanksgiving, which is ironic since that's what happened immediately after eating all of the food in the pics. Hmmmm.....
*Lot's of homemade Christmas gift ideas to share soon.
*Also thought it would be fun to post pics of crafts that YOU made after last weeks Christmas-crafts-a-palooza. If you made any one (or all) of the crafts from last week's posts, I'd love to put pics on here to share with everyone. How fun would it be to see everyone's individual spin on their decor? Lots. That's how much. Shoot me your pics in an email to:
*Hope you're having a wonderful first day of December!


Green Door Girl said...

cute outfit! I love the green scarf :) have your read the shopaholic series? Girl in the green scarf :) I need to get mine up later this afternoon - but that would require me to actually get dressed! LOL

mary kathryn said...

LOVE the shopaholic series. I read the first 3 in a couple days and still haven't gotten around to Shopaholic and baby or the last one. What was is...Shopaholic and kid? Something like that. Anyway...I totally wouldn't be dressed yet either if I were still at home. No post last Wed because we were out of school and I stayed in my pjs.

Paige said...

Very cute...and I wish I looked like that when I ran out the door to school--considering I work there (at a school...not yours :) ) and I am sure my fellow teachers and students would appreciate it too.


Celeste said...

Super cute outfits!

...and... you just won a giveaway on my blog! I just sent you an email. :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute!

Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} said...

Cute! I especially love that necklace.

P.S. My nails are always a mess. ;)

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