Sunday, January 30, 2011

girls night out

Friday night, I went out with several of the girls from my Sunday School class.
We are all friends,
we are all mommies,
we all love to eat.
Thank you God for putting these people in my life-
don't know what I would do without them.

Here we are at Cyprus Inn-
(one end of table...)
Jamie, Stacey, Wyndi, Kathryn, Jennifer, DeeDee, Mel's arms, Kara

(action shot)

and the other end of the table-
Melanie, Kara, Me, and Jamie

this was my dessert.
I rarely use the word 'bomb-diggity- because I so rarely come across something worthy of that title, ya know?
You can't just say any ole' thing was the 'bomb-diggity' because then it would lose its coolness.

this bread pudding?
well folks,
it was, in every way, the bomb-diggity.
I'd even go so far as to use the word
yes I would.
If you're local, I dare you to try this.
I promise you'll want to say bomb-diggity.
(it's coated in a warm rum sauce. need I say more?)

this was Kara's dessert.
brownies, ice cream, drizzled chocolate & caramel sauce.

I liked it, she did not.
Her tongue can detect a mass-produced-store-brownie, and while mine may be able to tell, it doesn't care.
it eats the mass-production anyway.

this was Mel's cheese cake.
I didn't try it, probably because I was too busy with my bowl of orgasmic bread pudding.

and since bread pudding, brownies, and cheese cake weren't enough-
we headed to Gigi's, the brandspankin new cupcake place in Midtown.
we arrived at 7:20,
they'd closed at 7:00,
BUT, an employee came to the door and handed all of us a menu and told us that they'd run out of ALL cupcakes before 7:00 anyway. This place is the Baskin Robbins of cupcakes- SO many yummy flavors! Sweet Potato, salted caramel, birthday surprise, boston creme pie, carrot cake, and the list goes on and on and on....
can't wait to go back when they're open.

so...since we struck out at Gigi's, we headed to Barnes and Noble for some coffee and treats but quickly remembered that it wouldn't be the best place for us to still be able to talk and carry on such as we like to do, so...
we went to the mall until closing time.
sometimes we like to act 14.

and then,
we went to my happy place.
do I even need to say it?

where else can you get laundry detergent,
a baby gift,
and these fine lookin night gowns all under one roof?

we played and shopped and had a blast,
and then,
went our merry way.

such a fun time.
ready for the next one.
anyone else out there have a fun girls night out recently?


Anonymous said...

I need a girl's night out desperately. Looks like you had a great time!

jennifer said...

oh my!! What did I miss at Target?? Did you guys shut that place down too!! Or get kicked out?? Hate I missed it! Let's get to planning the next event!!

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