Wednesday, January 19, 2011

what I wore Wednesday and other randomness...

(linking up with Lindsey today)
I was actually able to capture more than one outfit this week.
I know you're thrilled.

For my first pic (last Thursday, I think) I'm on location in the girls bathroom located next to my music classroom.
That's right.
Lots of little potties in there.
(and...I just realized there's a little hand peeking out from the wall beside me! How funny!)
top, jeans- Old Navy
sweater- The Limited
belt- Target
boots- Lucky Brand
glasses0 Calvin Klein

last thursday night, I got to participate in a Fosse dance Master Class with a Broadway performer. (you can read all about that experience HERE)
dress code was all black, and although you can't see the whole ensemble...I felt very dancer-esque
tank top, cardigan- old navy
pants- Lerner NY
rosette headband- made by me
necklace- Lisa Leonard
(and I'm fairly certain Eliza's entire ensemble is from Target, since that's where I buy 95% of my children's clothing)

back to the bathroom with a slightly dirtier mirror on friday.
top- belk (don't know the brand, but I do remember that it cost a whopping 7 bucks)
jeans- 7 for all mankind (the first and only pair of these jeans I've ever owned, also purchased on clearance at Belk.)
scarf- Target
necklace- Lisa Leonard
boots- Lucky Brand

now for some randomness.

I have been crafting my booty off.
the hubs is currently on nights, so after supper for the past 2 days, I've cleaned the kitchen and plugged in the ole' glue gun. SO SO SO excited about some of the goodies I've made- I've taken pics of them all, but am still working on the post. It will include several tutorials, so GET READY.

I've also cooked up a craft that the kids can help with, and when I say 'cooked', you know I mean that figuratively,....right?

My friend Kara and I love to talk about our crafty ideas, and she always does a few that her kids can help with.
I've never let my kids craft with me.
I know....mean mommy.
I guess it's never occurred to me to include them because,
A) my oldest is 5 and he's a boy and would rather be wielding a light saber than a pair of safety scissors
B) my second oldest is 20 months. (enough said)
C) the babe is 7 months.
oh wait....there's a D)
D) my crafty time is "my time", you know?
is that selfish?
(yes. well, maybe just a little)
so I asked O if he'd be interested in making something with me for Valentines Day. His response?
"I really just want to play Lego Star Wars."

well...I tried.
I'm still going to try to get him interested in helping though. I'm thinking when he sees the glitter and glue, he'll have a change of heart. (haha...anyone catch that? change of HEART? that's what I'm ma......never mind)

I have more to share, but just realized what time it is (12:55 am) and I'm super tired.
as in so-tired-I'm-afraid-I-might-fall-asleep-right-here-and-wake-up-with-keyboard-indentions-on-my-face tired.

until tomorrow, friends
(or...later today)


Sarita said...

Super cute clothes! I need a get a job outside the house just so I can dress up again! And btw - I am JEALOUS that you're a dancer! That's my secret wish-i-could-do-anything job! I'm NOT good, I just love it and was actually looking to take local "adult" classes, not like "pole" adult, but ballet for ladies in their late 20s :-)

Amber said...

Love the outfits and well done on the dance thing, how exciting. Have a great week and watch out for little hands hehe. axx

Anonymous said...

Cute outfits!

Jenbug said...

Great outfits!! Have a great week :)

Green Door Girl said...

love the green scarf outfit and am laughing at your pictures in the school bathroom :)

schronlisa said...

love the outfit with the hand peeking out! (that's pretty funny BTW!)

Jodi said...

Cute outfits! The hand cracked me up :)

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