Monday, January 31, 2011

thrifty finds...

I went thrifting with my friend Kara on Saturday.
It had been a while since I'd been to the BIG thrift store in town and I missed the place.

I was also glad to be there with a friend who could share my same enthusiasm for finding a diamond in the rough, so to speak, while also finding great amusement in what can only been know as APOC, or
"a piece of crap".

Like this.

Totally APOC.
While it does bear scriptures from the holy bible,
those words straight from God are the only good thing this POC had going for it.
Big blue wooden heart with lace and tiny rossettes hot-glued around a bible, which, by the by, was also glued open to the book of Acts.

We also found a massive gold charger/plate thingy depicting some sort of ancient Greek battle. This thing was at least 24 inches in diameter, which leads me to believe it's intended to hang on the wall, perhaps?
Sadly, I did not snap a picture.
I apologize.

Here's the goods I brought home:

4 books,
4 necklaces,
1 pair of shoes,
a salt/pepper holder thingy,
white ceramic condiment holder,
4 glass mason jars,
1 wire jug/jar thingy,
1 red bucket
total spent = 20 bucks

I'd heard good things about The Pilot's Wife, and The Reader got rave reviews as a movie (and I always like the books better than the movie). I love reading about my fave actors and I didn't have this book about Julie Andrews. And that little blue book? Well, it's a Sunday School book for kids, it's vintage (1963), and's just cute.

The blue beads in the top left corner are almost an exact match to a strand of beads I scored years ago from the same thrift store except for their color. The last set I found were turquoise, and I let my sis borrow them ONCE, and...well, they never came home again.
mallory = thief

(I kid, mal)
anyways, hopefully I can hang on to these blue babies.
The other necklaces pretty much speak for themselves, huh?
just pretty.
and not a single one over 2.98

if you've seen pics of my dining room, you know I have a love for all things white. I loved this piece from the moment I saw it. Nevermind that I had to ask Kara what it was.
It's pretty.
and it's white.
and it happens to be a condiment holder. (thanks Kara)
It's already chummy with the other white pieces in the hutch.

it even has a pretty flower/leaf thing going on on the inside of the cups- see?

mason jars.
they're good for holding stuff while looking fab.
Read Lindsey's post all about how she uses them HERE, and I guarantee you'll be wanting some of your own too.
p.s.- they were all between .15-.20 a piece!

a red heart bucket for .59?
yes please.

some blingy flippy-floppies for my Eliza.
Because the girl can't have too many pairs of shoes.
know what I mean?

I have big plans for that wire jug thingy come Easter.
Won't it look great with some speckled eggs inside?
And that salt/pepper holder was just cool.
haven't decided if I'm going to use it for its actual purpose yet or not.

just had to model one of the necklaces.
love how it frames my Lisa Leonard family tree.

And, while we're on the subject of thrifting, I must tell you of a blog that you must, must start reading. Her name is Kris, and for the whole of 2011, she's given herself a clothing budget of $365. 
That's it.
Did I mention she lives in LA?
As in Los Angeles.
She's on a quest to find designer duds at her local goodwill and you better believe I'll be checking in on her thrifty finds. 

And, because I'm curious...
have YOU found any thrifty goodies lately?


Anonymous said...

The Pilot's Wife is a great read! $20 bucks and so much fun. Cheap entertainment!

Tracy said...

Love the necklaces and the tourquoise one looks fabulous with the Lisa leaonard necklace...your best find though...the Pilot's Wife, one of my all time favorites! Enjoy!

Sarita said...

I LOVE thrifting too!! Wish I had a store as big as yours! My local thrift shops are totally picked over! It's just as much fun to see the ridiculous things there as when you actually find something cool!

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