Wednesday, January 5, 2011

what I wore Wednesday and other randomness...

last day of Christmas/New Year's break before getting back at it tomorrow.
Slept WAY too late.
Have no idea how I'm going to wake at 5:45 am in the morning.
no idea
Having lunch with mom and some friends, so I actually got dressed today. Once again- linked up with Lindsey at the Pleated Poppy.

(I'd like to thank the hubs for snapping my pic today. It's also his fault that look is on my face.)
top- merona from Target
jeans- French Connection purchased in college.
Did you hear that internet??
I bought these jeans in college and since
I haven't washed my clothes in a while
all the good stuff is dirty so...
I pulled these babies outta the closet and they fit.
moving on...
bronze super-comfy flats- Target
gold jewelry- Premiere designs
ceramic coffee cup- Old Navy

onto some randomness...
when MM woke up yesterday, she looked like this-

mermaid baby
(and no, I don't let her sleep in bibs. not quite sure why that's on her while she's in bed. but yes, she is a tummy sleeper, since I know some people think that is horrid. All of our kiddos have been tummy sleepers. She's still sleepin in our room, so it takes .3 seconds for me to check on her...
just sayin)

how oh HOW did she wriggle around enough to get an entire leg into the wrong leg of her pjs? How? HOW??
Needless to say, when I woke up and checked on her, I thought she'd turned into a mermaid. I had a mini-panic attack, only mini, and then I realized what had happened.

haha....I just said "what had happened..."
Maybe when I tell this story in person I should start it like that-

"See, what had happened was..."


Jenbug said...

Love your outfit and your picture of the "mermaid baby" cracks me up! My daughter woke up that way once too, how do they do that? :)

Erin said...

"is that what you had said?"

Anonymous said...

You are both too cute!

Green Door Girl said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the tunic!
Omigosh at the mermaid baby - that is hillarious! :)

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