Wednesday, January 12, 2011

what I wore Wednesday and other randomness...

we've had two snow days in a row and I've become spoiled.
We'd only been back to school for two days, then
out twice in a row for icy slush.
I enjoy sleeping late and watching the Today Show (when it isn't preempted by snowmaggeden 2011 coverage)
I enjoy staying in my pjs til noon.
(wait, ...who am I kidding. I enjoy staying in my pjs always.)

Having said that, it is now 1:35 a.m. as I type this, and yep. I'm still awake. But I have a good reason...

This is what I'm currently wearing, since it is now Wednesday:
(and yes, I'm linking with Lindsey)

I cut my face out because I'd just taken off the makeup. Didn't want to scare.

Top, Jeans- Old Navy
Vest- Coldwater Creek
Belt- Target
Shoes- Dansko Marcelle
Ring- Kenneth Cole

yes, I do have a thumb.
no, I don't have a wart on my finger. I burned the stank out of it and can't remember how at the moment.

I actually captured 2 pics this week- this was last thursday, 1.6.11

 (my prop here is a mini magna-doodle)
top- black rain from belk
scarf- merona from Target
shoes- dansko
jeans- french connection
earrings- kenneth cole

Now...for some randomness

Here's O checking out snowmaggeden

some of the many faces of Eliza...

and yes, that IS an 'E' sticker on her forehead. That's where she likes it.

Linus and her brother watching Sprout

And a little hint of some things to come...
Anyone else gettin crafty for the big day 'o LOVE?


Paige @ The Wandering Cottage said...

Cute outfits and kiddos!

Paige said...

Love the props!!! We have been stuck in the house since Sunday!!!!! :)And currently, it is snowing AGAIN!!!!!!!

Green Door Girl said...

cute oufits girl! I am so over the snow and so glad the kids are back in school today - wahoo! :)

Jenbug said...

I love your yellow scarf and that darling necklace. Very cute :)

Brittany said...

Loving the E sticker Eliza is sporting!

xo, Kate @keeping up w/the Moreland's said...

i love the mustard scarf!!

kris said...

Such a funny post. Love the injury, not that you got injured . . . you know what I mean. Great prop and you look adorable!

Shelby Grace said...

absolutely! february is my favorite month!! :)

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