Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 Home Goals

I'm making a list of goals for our house this year for several reasons, most important of which is to get our boo-tays in gear again after doing SO MUCH WORK to it in the first year we were in it and a big fat almost nothing to it in the second. I'll also be linked up with the Nester, so check out the rest of what everyone's planning to do in 2011 over on her blog.

The biggest challenge, of course, and one of the 3 rooms we've yet to overhaul is the dreaded kitchen. The other 2 rooms are the bathrooms. You may remember that I talked about one of those HERE.

I will now allow you time to prepare yourselves for the horror that is...
our kitchen.

are you ready?
(it's bad)

I mean it.

Sit down.

(cue stabbing music from Psycho)

our house was built in 1960 and nothing, nothing has been done to the kitchen since then except for some painting of the paneling and some ceramic tile. And ohbytheway- there are 2 layers of linoleum underneath that tile. In case you wondered. One is yellow and one is green.
We did buy all new stainless appliances when we moved in since there were no appliances at all, and see that dishwasher? It's the quietest on the market!

But that's where the good stuff ends in here.

Back to the countertops-
Ever wonder what countertops from 1960 look like?

That's it folks.
Complete with that beauty of a silver edge.
(please imagine me motioning to the counterop now, Vanna-style)

Wanna know what happens to countertops like this when you sit oh-so-hot-stuff on them?

That is what we're working with here, folks.

I think it's easy to see why the kitchen is our number one goal to overhaul this year.

there's also this...
(I'm so ashamed)

This is the closet in our foyer.
Those are coats (mostly) that you see hanging in there.
As coats should.
And those are boxes.
LOTS of boxes, some empty, but most holding things to list on ebay. Goal number 2 is to actually list that stuff to rid our lives of the boxes.
well that's just pure craziness folks.

I would also like to clean every closet in our house this year because, quite frankly, if you have small children who are growing out of their clothes at the speed of light, well then you need to.
My son still has 2T clothing in his and he's, ummm, sort of about to turn 6.
(I know, I's awful. Not the turning 6 part, but the fact that there are still much-too-small-for-him clothes in there. Please tell me I'm not the only one behind on this so I'll feel better about confessing this to the internet.)

My third goal,
and it's a BIG one,
is to spend more time at my home with her-

and her-

and him.

And now,
since I totally horrified you with those pics of my kitchen and foyer closet,
let's have a look at some of the prettier parts of our house,
because there are lots.
I promise.

the hubs made that shelf for me when we were dating.
I absolutely love it.

I love initials.
If you know me, you know this.
You can't go far in our house without running into lots of letters. These are mine and the hubs initials,
purchased for a few bucks a piece at Michael's.

I love our beautiful painted-white-by-us mantle, mostly because of the lovelies that I get to put up there.

I know.
This pic is horrible.
But I love that red accent pillow in front of the blk/white one.
I didn't even straighten and crease it for you.

I love my vinyl collection of Broadway cast albums, Barbra, and the Beatles.

Did I mention I loved initials?
I also love that award from my father and that film reel.

Oh how I love my piano.
The first big purchase I made on my own.
Oh how I love the sound of little fingers plinking those keys.

While I havn't rearranged everything after Christmas yet,
I love this cabinet in our dining room and all the pretties it holds.

with an 'M'.
And down there on the bottom?

Well that's just General Grievous hangin out.

There was some pretty stuff in there, right?
I just couldn't rag on our house too much,
ya know.
Because we do love her so.

(But the kitchen's gotta go, am I right?)


Green Door Girl said...

I can't wait to see the progress on the kitchen :) Is the washer and drier in there? :)

mary kathryn said...

oh yes. Just part of buying a house that was built 50+ years ago. We've tossed around a few ways to conceal the laundry area with a couple of walls/doors, but who knows what we'll end up doing! I guess I should be thankful that we can throw something in the dryer AND the oven at the same time. Just hope we don't get mixed up.

Tracy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tracy said...

I will be sticking around to see the progress...but I have to tell you, you ain't got nothing on my kitchen (LOL!) One of my goals is to make it liveable (withouth closing my eyes while cooking) until we can save enough to gut it and put it out of its misery.

BTW - I love the green walls and the little table with those gorgeous flower arrangements on the wall.

good luck on your 2011 home goals venture.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I really like the cabinet in your dining room! I don't think the cabinets in your kitchen are that bad...imagine if they were that light wood paneling color!! ;) Your kiddos are cute. :) I'm visiting from The Nester's Home Goals party. Hope you'll stop by my blog to say hi. :)

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