Monday, January 10, 2011

Project Life Layouts

I promised that I would post some of my 2010 Project Life layouts so that those of you who have never done a 365 project could see what Becky's kit looks like. She came out with 2 different design options for the 2011 kit, so keep in mind that the page elements (colors, design, etc.) will be different. To take a look at the products for 2011, go to her site HERE.

Here's my first layout from 2010:
(to see the pics larger, just click on them)

7 days a week = 7 pics per layout
7 journaling cards per layout + 1 pretty filler
As you can see, in this first layout, I used the weekly weather forecast as one of my pics since we had crazy-cold weather at the beginning of 2010. (a trend that seems to be repeating in 2011...) The bottom left photo on the right page is also a pic of our tv screen from the big championship game last year. Since there are no rules, the weekly pics can really be anything you want.

Another weekly layout-
my friend Melanie had a baby, so Mary Brooke was my pic of the day on the 13th, and I spent the ENTIRE next day catching up on the laundry- pic was our washer and dryer

To commemorate the last season of LOST, I included the front cover of our Entertainment Weekly that featured an article on the series. To the left is a pic of my friend, Kathryn and me at her baby shower.

Oliver's birthday week, so lots of him and CAKE, and a pic of my sis and our friend Haley at her baby shower. 

One of the reasons I love Project Life so much is that all of the mundane, everyday things we do can be included. I NEVER scrapbooked pics like this before because I was so worried about only including the best shots of an event. This lets me put any and all pictures in a book. Even pics of my kids covered in baby food...

and how I looked for half of 2010

and some of the cast of Tom Sawyer, the musical that I directed in the spring of last year. 

And again...sometimes I included a playbill/ticket stub from that day as my pic. (or, my POTD= picture of the day)

Oliver drew this awesomeness at school, so I took a pic for my book and then included the actual drawing in his scrapbook. I also asked him to tell me about it and wrote what he said on the back of the drawing. I would tell you about it now, but that would require me to get off this couch and I just don't have the energy. So, in the words of Phoebe Buffet, "I wish I could, but I don't want to."

Oliver holding and feeding MM for the first time...

The one Dr. visit that O went to with me and my awesome Dr let him put the 'magic wand' on my belly to see MM...

MM's birthweek! (yes, I added the pics out of order. boo.) The Sunday of this week we dedicated Eliza at church, and 5 days later, MM was born.

Let's zoom in on that preggo belly...

And- this is how I store all of the important 'stuff' that doesn't get added as a POTD. I use the ETC folders that came with Becky Higgins school expansion kit in the back of each year's book, like this...

and here's what goes in it-

birth announcements,
wedding invites,
baby shower invites,

And here's my book all put together for 2011.
Like I mentioned before, Becky came out with 2 different design options this year. I went with the turquoise.
Here's the intro page-

And this is where the first 7 days of 2011 will go. I went ahead and put ALL of my weekly page headers and filler cards in the book so that all I have to do is add the photos and journal cards.

And here's the back page and my ETC folder. Even if you don't have these folders, you could punch holes in the 12 x 12 clear (or colored) folders that are available from any craft store for about a buck. That's what I plan to use when I'm out of ETC folders.

And...I already have 1 item in 2011's folder:
The ACT's 2011 season brochure with a pic of yours truly on it.

So there ya have it.
My 365 project.
And just think of all of the different ways that this could be accomplished- you don't have to have a kit. You could still take pics OR use memorabilia from the day and keep it all together in any type of book you like. I just love how easy this kit makes it for me to keep up with everything.

So...any of you jumping on the 365 bandwagon this year??

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My Not So Simple, Domestic Life said...

Holy Cow!! I had never heard of Project Life until this post, so I clicked on your link to her site. She has sold out of her kits already! I saw on Amazon that the price is $52.99, but they are all gone. So then curiosity got the best of me so I searched for them on ebay. They are selling for over $100!! My husband and I are going to Italy this summer and I thought this may be a great way to display our photos when we get back. I think I may just stick to shutterfly...

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