Wednesday, January 26, 2011

what I wore Wednesday and other randomness...

3 outfits this week + 1 I forgot about from last week.
3 + 1 = 4

let's get to it...
(linked up with Lindsey again and extrememly jealous I'm not going to Blissdom this weekend to meet her and other fabulous bloggers. maybe next year...)

If you're joining me today for the first time- welcome and thanks for stopping by! I always use props in my WIWW posts because, well, I'm an actress. It just comes naturally.

dress- belk
cardigan- the limited
belt- Target
boots- nine west
prop- iphone

 scarf & belt- Target
dress & jeans- old navy
boots- lucky brand
prop- chicken alfredo reheated from dinner the night before

top- the limited
vest- coldwater creek
belt- Target
necklace- premiere jewelry
jeans- gap long and leans
shoes that you can't see but are fab- dansko clogs
prop- rolled up Kelly's Kids catalog

dress- belk
tights- target
boots- ebay (no clue what brand at the moment)
turquoise ring- hospital jewelry sale
turquoise earrings- no clue
prop- Mary Martin
(her diaper and socks are from Target)

I made a big pot 'o chili saturday.
it is the only thing I can make that the hubs actually likes to eat.
(thank you Judy Holland for that recipe you wrote on the blue index card. I'm still using it a year later...)


after seeing several ads and reading several blog posts about the Canvas People and their FREE canvases made from your precious photos, I decided to check em out. I'm here to tell you...
it's legit.
when I ordered mine a month ago, they were offering free 8 x 10 canvases (all you pay is shipping) with an option to size up to larger canvases for a fraction of what they'd normally cost.
I chose to size up.
I paid 9.99 for an 11 x 14 of my favorite most recent pic of my kiddos (taken by the fabulous Erin Schmidt) and it arrived a few days ago-

I'm seriously loving it,
and yes- I stepped outside to try to get better lighting, but it's been pretty yucky/rainy/gray here for a while now.

of course, when I turned around, someone had snuck outside behind me

haven't decided where to put it yet.
for now, it's living next to the LOVE sign on the piano.

we celebrated 3 more birthdays last night with the hubs family at a Japanese steakhouse in town

E LOVED watching our food being cooked

singing happy birthday to Diane (hubs aunt), Blake (hubs cousin's son), and Maxine (hubs grandmother)

I'm in the kitchen.
cooking heating up food for E and O for dinner.
I call them into the kitchen to eat.
in they come.
sometime in their walk from the living room to the kitchen, an object changes hands.
E decides she's going to share a toy with MM, who is playing happily in the dining room in her bouncy seat.
as I'm at the table with O and E in the kitchen, I hear MM gagging.
bad, bad sound.
I run into the dining room, and I find this in her hand...

well, I find the glasses in her hand.
that little torn off part in front?
I found that in the back of her throat after i went in digging.
Thank you, E, for being a sweet big sister, only-
next time, let's not give the babe something she'll eat that's not food.

I just love the front of this cheerios box, don't you?
makes me want to cut that heart out and do something with it.


and lastly,
here's a pic of someone who didn't want to go to bed tonight.
she's hiding.
but i found her.


bex said...

really like your green dress yellow scarf outfit!
its a great color combination.


Anonymous said...

I love that you are multi-tasking in the photos!

Anonymous said...

Loving you blog and your poses are so great. Love the first outfit, although I think you belong in the dining room. I think I'm going to try some new locations. Wonder what I'd wear to compliment our bar and wine refrigerator? Something sexy, I presume!

Tammy said...

thanks for posting on my party! i'm your newest follower, and i love the baby prop!!! too sweet. just to let you know i have two give aways going on, hope you enter.

Katri said...

I like the first dress and that chili looks heavenly!
Cardigans and Cookie Dough

Kim said...

Great outfits! I think Mary Martin was definitely the cutest prop :)

I'll be checking out the Canvas People, though I don't know how to decide on just one print!

Michele said...

I'm stopping by from the Pleated Poppy. Great outfits and adorable little one. Fun randomness!

Green Door Girl said...

love the last dress and the green tunic/dress with the chicken alfredo - LOL - your pictures crack me up - your personality just shines through!

Leah said...

Oh you are so cute! I love the last outfit the best but then I always think Mama's look the best with their babies on their hips!
And that pic of your kiddos is so adorable!


Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Kelly's Kids??? Brings back soooo many wonderful memories from when my girls were little:) You sure have some CUTE outfits here!


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