Thursday, January 13, 2011

Here's hoping I don't bust in front of Mr. Broadway...

That class I signed up for and told you about HERE had to be rescheduled because of snowy-icy substances everywhere.
It's now tonight.
I'm in all black and still wondering how many layers of spanx I can wear before they start to negate their purpose.
Anyone out there in blogland have the answer to this?
I'll just keep layering and when they no longer suck me in and start to form buldges, I'll stop.

I really hope I don't make a fool of myself.
I'm an actress first, then a singer....
a dancer.

And- in other news,
this is my 100th blog post.
wa-to-the-hoo, my friends.
Thank you SO much for reading my random dribble.
Lots of crafting goodness coming your way, all inspired by the big day of love.

Until then, think graceful, dancer-like thoughts for me, mmkay?
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