Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas 2010 tour of homes

As if you weren't already tired enough of seeing pics of my home decorated for Christmas, here's a brand spankin new post with pics from every room in my house all lumped together just for the Nester's Christmas Home Tour and Kelly's Korner. If you've never read the Nesting Place before, please check it out. Her 'nest' is amazing and I'm always inspired by her thrift store finds and decor. And Kelly is the sweetest, most down-to-earth Southern Christian gal ever. So check out their blogs and have fun looking through all of the other homes on the tour!

Back to casa de Mathews...
Here's the foyer-

And the living room mantle...

You can find the tutorial for how I made our stockings HERE
the man cave mantle and tree...

Our family Christmas tree...

(Star Wars ornaments for the hubs and Oliver)
(Barbie ornaments for my girls and me)
My alma mater- The Univeristy of Montevallo
Dorothy's ruby slippers
The original Barbie.
She's pretty.
One of my fave Hallmark ornaments-
a teeny-tiny little movie theatre
my Baby's First Christmas ornament
Oliver and Eliza checkin out the tree
And my sweet Mary Martin-
she loves the lights
I love the fact that a random green balloon ended up in this shot.
That is so typical of our house-
never know what you're going to see...
We bought this tree topper last year after Oliver mentioned how important it is to have a star at the top of our tree. I had previously been using a vintage topper that was NOT a star, and after a Sunday school
lesson about Jesus' birth and how the Wisemen followed the star to find Jesus, Oliver was concerned that our tree didn't have one. We fixed that right away.
Star it is.

Our church's Christmas cantata was tonight and it was absolutely beautiful!
I always love singing with our church choir, but this music was spectacular.
Not to mention the fact that I'm married to one of the shepherds...
Planning to post pictures tomorrow.
Night night all...


dawn said...

beautiful! love the foyer!

Heather said...

Love all your ornaments. So beautiful. Merry Christmas!

ThriftyAnnabella said...

Very nice - thanks for sharing :)

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