Friday, December 3, 2010

early morning happenings

(on-the-way-to-school conversation with O)

Oliver: Mommy, I'm going to take videos when I'm in Heaven

Me: why?

Oliver: so that I can remember what it looks like

Me: Once you're in Heaven, you'll be there forever

Oliver: and Moses? will he be there?

Me: yes

Oliver: well...he's not the leader anymore (our bible story last night was about Moses' death...)

Me: you're right. Noah will be there too.

Oliver: still?

Me: yes. Noah will still be there.

Oliver: will you be there?

Me: yes. (trying to resist the urge to become blubbering mommy while driving car...)
yes, I'll be there with you.

Oliver: and everyone? will everyone be there?

Me: if they believe in God and have Jesus in their heart

Oliver: well....I do

oh how I love this little guy.

Hope you're having a blessed Friday.

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