Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's a tree party y'all

Hey howdy hey!  I'm linked up with Thrifty Decor Chick  today, so if you're joining me for the first time, welcome! Nice to meet ya! I've also linked with Kara over at elements interiors. Click her button to see all the fabulous trees there too!

This is our mostly-hallmark-with-a-lot-of-star wars-Barbie-and-Toy Story ornaments tree...
(and yes, that's where we like to keep the green balloon)

(please ignore the fact the fact that I ran out of pink ribbon halfway down. Poop)

These aren't ornaments, they're two of my kids...

Our star topper with Barbie. She's pretty.

the A King is Born ornament is the one I scored at the ladies ornament swap this year. Love it.

Star Wars!

More Barbies!

My Alma Mater...Montevallo

Dorothy's ruby slippers from Miss Amy

Sorry...just had to include another pic of her...

Another one of my faves- a theatre

This was my Baby's first Christmas ornament when I was a babe.

Kiddos again...

My sweet MM looking at the tree-

And here's my hubs decorating his man cave tree. Watching, what else? Christmas Vacation.

He has the biggest mantle in the world. Believe me. We checked.
Pretty man cave. Yep, hubs. I called it pretty.

Merry Christmas friends!
(as we are once again running out the door to school)
Hope you have a great day!


Judy said...

Your tree is beautiful...especially all lit up. Thanks for following me. I'm following you right back.:)

Patty said...

That is sooo cute. Love all the Barbie and Star Wars ornaments. My boys love Star Wars and I love Barbie ;)
Merry Christmas said...

Hey Girl! Im your newest follower...LOVE the Trees! I CANT let my daughter see that Barbie tree or I BE IN TWuuBel! LOVE your blog and those lil munchkins are ADORABLE!!! I would love for you to come join my christmas Linkey! And if you like what you see, i would love for you to be a FROIEND (Follow)



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