Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday and other randomness...

I am going to work sans makeup.
Only Bare Minerals lip gloss and Hope in a Jar, does that count?
The jeans I'm wearing are 2 sizes too big because I haven't washed my clothes in a while.
Only these I-just-had-a-baby jeans were clean.
I need pants in my current size. Have I mentioned that lately?
I was up with a screaming little girl at 2:45 this morning until the hubs took over.
Thank you hubs.
The first time my alarm sounded this a.m., I turned it OFF instead of hitting SNOOZE.

I call this pose,
"Please don't talk to me today until I've had at least 4 cups of coffee. Maybe 5."

 I'm linking up with Lindsey again over at the Pleated Poppy. She gave a great explanation for why she started this in the first place HERE. To go to her post from today, go HERE.
I play along because it's fun.
If you're joining me for the first time today, I promise I'm usually a bit more put together. Rough night/morning at the Mathews house = one tired, slightly disheveled mama.

top- Black Rainn from Belk
Jeans- Old Navy
shoes that aren't in the shot- Dansko
tank- Old Navy
necklace- Tiffany and Co.

I posted a Christmas house tour a few days ago and labeled it as "pics from every room in my house decorated for Christmas.", which wasn't exactly true. The girls nursery and Oliver's room each have a tree, but I never thought to take pics of them when they were awake and not occupying said room. Last night, I snapped a few of the nursery before anyone was asleep. Since it wasn't daylight, I had to use a little flash so you could actually see the room.

They have a little pink tree that lights up, kind of vintage-like.

I finally made our Christmas cards online last night.
With a baby in my lap that screamed anytime she wasn't  in my lap.
I am only semi-satisfied with the outcome. Only semi.
I really wanted to include a small pic of our HEYhi roof, but couldn't find a card template with enough spaces for one of each of my kiddos plus one of all 3 together. Couldn't leave one of the kiddos out to showcase the roof. But still, it would have been cool.
The roof has grown on me.
It is unique.
It is my hubs.
If you're local, you should definitely put our house on your Christmas lights tour.
And please stop by for a sec and say "HEYhi".
I'll even let you hold a baby.
I hope each and every one of you got more sleep last night than I did.
I also hope that I don't run into any of you today in person until I've had time to change the fact that my face is sans makeup.
Just sayin.

Here's a teeny-tiny little preview of the card.
Couldn't give the whole thing away yet, ya know?


MELANIE said...

I'm so with ya today, MK! Complete bare face & no clean clothes. I've been so spoiled with Brett's new job that when he's had training in Calera, this week, I've been a wreck in the mornings. But...Brett's mom got me the Glee Christmas cd so I've been singing "Misfits" all day which is kinda fitting at the moment. ;)

jennifer said...

Ha Ha so funny you two went without make up and I actually put some on !!

Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} said...

Your top is cute! I know what you mean, needing pants that fit...the sweetheart bought me some new jeans for my birthday, and wearing jeans that aren't falling off is fabulous! :)

April said...

haha! You are cracking me up with the posing!

Green Door Girl said...

I was so crazy last week I couldn't even do the post -I opted to do a "wordless wednesday" instead - :) I am just catching up on my reader at this point - finally! You still look cute sans makeup, I like the top!

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