Monday, December 20, 2010

weekend recap in grainy iphone pics

So...we had a crazy-busy weekend. What about you? SO much going on, but it is only a few days until the big day. Oliver's class Christmas party was friday and I ran down (the hall) to snap a few pics. Here he is with Chloe Lois.

 How cute are these reindeer snacks? That's bread with peanut butter, a few m&m's and some pretzels. Love it. (Not to mention that yummy krispy kreme on the next plate. Anyone else gain five pounds in the last week, or was that just me?)
Each of the kiddos in his class had to bring a prize to place in each of their classmates 'elf' bags. How cute are these?? I swear, his teacher has some super cool ideas. That recorder stickin out was one of the gifts he received. Other treats included a yo-yo, a hat, some memory cards, go-fish cards, pencils, and candy. 
Friday night, the hubs and I had the first of our 2-date-nights-in-a-row which has happened, ummm...never? He was on days last week at work, so we took full advantage and lined up our families as babysitters.
Friday night we attended the ACT's Christmas dinner theatre.
I wrote about their last dinner theatre HERE in case you missed it.
This one consisted of lots of great Christmas music linked together with just a bit of dialogue. Dinner was served family style at the table and it truly was a very enjoyable evening for us. Again, sorry for the grainy pic, but I'm shootin with the iphone.
From far away.
Without adequate zoom or focus.
If you've read my last few posts, then you know we've had a bit of trouble getting miss E to sleep in her bed as of late. We even skipped naptime on thursday (I was off work after seeing Winnie the Pooh with O's class) in the hopes of making her SUPER-dee duper tired, and this is what happened.
She fell asleep coloring.
Wrapped up in her blanket.
She is a total Linus.
The nap was a short one though, and even without her usual 1 1/2-2 hour regular nap, she still wasn't keen on going to sleep that night.

 This is how she ended up Thursday night/Friday morning. I have no clue when she finally stopped running around/playing/singing/and just generally being awake. Maybe 2:30-ish in the a.m.?
And let me tell you....
you know the saying in golf, Play the ball where it lies?
Well, in our case, it's
Let the child sleep where she lies.
Thursday night/Friday morning, it happens to have been on her couch in the living room.This morning, I found her asleep upside-down on her daddy's chest. He's off today, so he took the Eliza-shift last night. He informed me (at 4:30 am while I was up with MM) that he didin't remember when she finally gave it up and fell asleep. He tried to put her in bed twice, and that's when the blood-curdling screaming began. Twice.
Oy, I tell you.
 Getting ready for date numero dos, Saturday night with MM on the bathroom counter in her bumbo. I love this pic of her looking in the mirror.
 Hubs and I went to see Theatre Tuscaloosa's, It's a Wondefyul Life, A Radio Play on Saturday night. I didn't know anything about the show before going, but it was exactly as the title suggests. Set in the 40's, the actors in the show were popular radio personalities, stage directors/managers, sound effects men, and jingle girls who tell the whole story of It's A Wonderful Life on the radio. The set was a 1940's radio station, complete with seats for studio audience members, microphones, applause sign that lit up, piano, and sound effects booth. The set encompassed the entire length of the stage itself and even continued to the backstage area with a callboard and faux brickwork. No detail was left out. A cityscape even rotated outside of one of the windows on set. So cool. The hubs and I thoroughly enjoyed the show, and loved seeing several of our friends who were in it afterwards.

E let me have fun with her hair again Sunday night before going to church.
This was the outcome.
They are SO fitting of her personality too.
She added the pearls after seeing them in my jewelry case. I think they add just the right touch to her outfit.
Our Contemporary Praise Christmas concert was Sunday night at church, and sadly...I brought my big SLR camera with NO battery in it. I'd forgotten I'd left it charging at home.
And that was our weekend.
LOTS of Christmasy things to finish up today after school and my work Christmas party tonight.
Getting very excited about all of the things we'll be doing in the next few days, not to mention the fact that I'm about to have a couple of weeks off work.
Woo-to-the HOO.
Here's to cuddling,
driking hot chocolate,
opening/giving presents,
and taking more pictures than usual of my family in the next few days...
(hopefully NOT with my iphone)


Erin said...

Someone please give this girl a Point and Shoot for Christmas!!!

MELANIE said...

Awww. That so reminds me of Maggie's little pigtail days. So sweet and she really rocked them. I miss those.

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