Friday, December 10, 2010

Because I'd like to avoid getting long underwear and tube socks...

These are my needs wants this year.
Hubs....this is for you.
 Because you asked.
And because I like to make things super-simple for you.
There's a link to take you straight to each item so you never even have to get in your car.
Because I'm sweet like that.
And it will save us gas money, which in turn, means more money for you to buy me these pretties
us to buy groceries and diapers.

And for everyone else-
some of my favorite things would make great gifts for people you may have on your list.
Lots of fun, handmade goodness from etsy, with some practical things on the side.

1. A new point and shoot camera. You know, since mine bit the dust a few weeks ago.
HERE's the one I want. Nope...this one gets labeled as a need.
I used it everyday, and now I can't.

2. A hand-stamped necklace from Lisa Leonard.

Perfect for throwing in a diaper bag, or
using on its own when I don't need my big 'mom' bag.
(which hardly ever happens, but that's ok...)

4. Pants. Again, this one is actually a need.
I'd like to go HERE,
or HERE.
And maybe HERE too.

5. These stacked rings are totally a want.
I like THESE,
and THESE,
and THESE.
(my finger is a 7, by the by)

6. This would totally be just for fun,

would be ideal for me.
It has padded compartments for each of those things, and plus,
it's just plain pretty.

I'd also like some new running shoes, but I can't for the life of me remember what brand. They're the ones in the commercial where the guy sees the blond wearing those butt-toning shoes, but then the brunette walks by and he's like, "whoa", know...because her shoes are way more awesome?
I'm drawing a blank.
Those are the ones I like.
I want the way more awesome ones.

so...that should give you a start, hubs.
I'm already hard at work on your list.
And you didn't even make me one.
I just know.

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HouseMama said...

Those stacking rings are to.die.for. The purplish one has only one left, so hopefully your Mister already bought yours. :)

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