Wednesday, December 29, 2010

weekend recap, Part II (more Christmas pics)

a few of my fave pics from our Christmas at home...

an immediate light saber dual

 Reebok toners!
 General Grievous!
(hope I spelled that right)
 Eliza's favorite item (besides her brother's light saber) was a pink cell phone from her stocking.
She had quite a lengthy conversation. Love that she's wearing the tutu.
 I gave the hubs the entire series of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It came in a box that looked like a six-pack.
 Same conversation,
different location.
 The AT-AT Walker 'magically' appeared in his room. Wish I had captured his expression when he saw it.
Priceless.'s something the hubs gave me.
Aren't you glad?
Now you don't have to read my whining about breaking my point and shoot. This is the new, super-improved, more mega-pixeled, sleeker version of my broken one.
I feel like I should give her a name...but what??

 I put her to use immediately, as you can see...
 She's watching the hubs and O assemble the AT-AT.
On top of O's Star Wars table.
Wearing a tutu,
and holding her baby upside-down.

 And the following day with my Dad's side of the family-

 And that night with the hubs family-

 O trying on his new Optimus Prime costume at home
 And what our mantle looked like that night when we went to bed.
Festive, don't you think?
I've been working ALL DAY in the living room/playroom and finally have it looking decent again. This is where we had our Christmas and it was a complete and total mess in here.
Now it is better.
Much  better.
I'll share pics later today and introduce you to two new friends I picked up today.
Can't wait for you to meet them.

And, I almost forgot.
I made two trips to Target today and still managed to forget something I needed.
Anyone else out there make multiple trips to the same store in one day, or is it just me?
And it's not the first time I've done that.
Maybe it's because we're less than 5 minutes away.
Maybe it's because they carry pretty much anything we could need.
Maybe it's because Target's just plain awesome.
(Maybe I need a 12-step program?)


Jen said...

I made two trips to Target yesterday - both times forgot something. I doubt I'll go back today. I don't want my bank to call me and ask if I've moved to Target!

MELANIE said...

3 pics in a row made me laugh. 1)Carol looks like she's spitting something. 2)She looks like she has a terrible headache from the noise, perhaps. 3)Mary Katherine looks like something smells really bad. Ha! Love little Eliza in her pigtails and tutu. She so reminds me of Maggie at that age. The attire, hair, and the cell.

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