Wednesday, December 8, 2010

what I wore Wednesday and other randomness...

Good Wednesday morning er'body!
Linking up with Lindsey today over at the Pleated Poppy for WIWW.
If you've never read her explanation for why she started this, she talks about it in today's post. Just click the red link above and boom. You're there.
Sweater- Target (at a wicked-good price, I might add)
tank- Old Navy
Jeans- The Limited
Shoes that you can't see in the pic but are super comfortable- Dansko
necklace- found it last month in my jewelry case. No idea where it came from but I love it
(by the by...I found out it's much more fun to take a pic of myself with something silly/in a silly pose because I just can't do it straight. You know...without the silly)

Did I mention this sweater was fraptastically cheap? Picked it up yesterday and they had lots more. Just sayin.

sorry for the extremely upcloseandpersonal shot of my neck here, but I wanted you to see the smallest little sand dollar necklace on the planet. That I found. And don't remember buying/getting as a gift.

Random thought 1- has anyone else forgotten that they have toenails? Mine have been tucked away in thick socks/boots for so long now that when I actually looked at them last night, they kinda grossed me out. Just picture some toemails in desperate need of some pedicurin' and I mean DESPERATE. Now...stop picturing that cause it's gross. I'm on top of it now. I promise.

2- finally put ornaments on the ole tree last night. A post about its prettiness coming later.

3- also, finally figured out what to get the rest of the peeps on my Christmas list. Almost done...

4- I promise I didn't forget about the Christmas pillows. They're here. I have them. Just haven't taken pics yet.


MELANIE said...

Bawahaha! Had the same toeail thoughts last night & was thinking, when you're too busy to take car of your are too busy.

mary kathryn said...

yep. it was like I'd totally forgotten I even had them. sad sad....

Paige @ The Wandering Cottage said...


Dee said...

you're too funny! I have to resort to I was setting the dinner table when out of the blue someone snapped my photo-look!

Susanne said...

i was at target today & saw that sweater. i should have bought it! it looks really cute on you.

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