Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Feliz Navidad y'all

(*** no what I wore wednesday post today. I am currently a hot, hot mess, with it being my first day of Christmas break and all...***)
Last night, we had the first of several yearly Christmas festivities with our family.
We celebrated Feliz Navidad with my in-laws and the name is pretty much taken from the fact that we eat Mexican food. LOTS and lots of Mexican food.
When we arrived, E immediately found her a nice cozy spot on one of the gifts under my MIL's tree and looked at/touched all of the ornaments within her reach.

 And, of course, had to pick up most of the presents too.

 MM and white mawmaw
 Food, glorious food....
 The adults play dirty Santa with gift cards each year while the kids get actual presents, so it was a bit odd when my MIL had a gift for each male in the family...
 And then we realized why...
they started pulling them out of the boxes....
BIG ginormous shirts.....
 And so they, of course, put them on...
(Isn't my hubs pretty? Even with this thing on...)
 And here they are.
ALL of them.
Each shirt was a 2x or a 3x that my MIL purchased on her yearly trip to the mountains.
Because she's funny like that.
 no caption neccessary.
just stinky shenanigans.
 Back to the kiddos...
Here's O flying a new star wars spaceship.
MM opening her presents with Mawmaw and Diane.

 Blake and O shooting new nerf guns.
 E got musical instruments and a doll house.
 And then it was time to play dirty Santa.
Here's Howard opening a gift card to ULTA.
He had to ask what it was.
Needless to say, a female stole it from him.
Such is the game, ya know?
Clay ended up with a card to Best Buy (which we had taken ourselves) and I got a card to Old Navy.
 So there it is folks- Feliz Navidad!
Here's what I'll be doing today- wrapping gifts with my little helper.
 She's really excited about it!
And...I must confess- I am too. Love wrapping me some presents.
Maybe it has to do with the fact that when I was about 4, I wanted to be one of the gift wrapping ladies at the mall. They always had the prettiest nails and were always dressed so nice. I thought they were the coolest.
I was 4.
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