Thursday, December 23, 2010

well hello Kevin McAllister...

my family of 5 sat down tonight and did something together for the first time...

we watched McCauley Culkin run around the streets of NYC and terrorize a couple of hoodlums.
Oliver cackled.
LOVED watching him watch one of his daddy's favorite movies for the first time.
Eliza felt bad for the robbers.
She said, "uh-oh" each and every time they got hurt.
Which was quite often.
Maybe we can make this a yearly thing.
Who knows?
Are YOU doing anything special this Christmas for the first time?

And while Santa will be delivering a few gifts in a couple days,  he is not why the Mathews will be celebrating.
A babe in a manger is the star of the show.
A babe who came to earth just like us.
Who showed us the way to His Father,
and then died for us.
Because it was the only way.
That Man is why we'll be celebrating.
Not a fat guy in a red suit.
Jesus is the reason.

Merry Christmas to you, friends.
God Bless

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