Monday, December 27, 2010

weekend recap, Part I

I hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas!
We are still recovering around here...
Full bellies,
trashed house,
tons of laundry,
but 3 kiddos and 2 parents who are feeling extremely blessed to have this beautiful mess!

Following are several pics from the past weekend. I've chosen my favorites, since I took roughly 500 knowing that about half of those would turn out to be decent photos. After dumping them all onto the computer last night, I realized I was right. A little over 200 were immediately deleted because of poor lighting, blurred subjects, etc. Here are some of my faves from camera numero uno:

breakfast at the in-laws Christmas Eve morn:
LOTS of yummy yummy breakfast foods.
(and one of the many reasons I'm now sporting an awesome muffin top. Well, maybe not awesome)

 Here's Carol and Carroll. One of them is singing and holding a baby, and one of them is just holding a baby.
 Lots and lots of kiddos at breakfast.
 Savannah helped E open her presents. So sweet.

Cutie pie Samuel.

 Thomas opened his gifts with a lil help from mommy.
Who doesn't love a big giant microphone?


After the company was gone, the kids opened their presents from MawMaw and PawPaw Ed-
Anyone else out there have a sit n' spin?
This totally took me back to 1986.
I love that my kids will be spinnin on one now.
 Activity books.
Oh how my kiddos love books.
One of O's is even 3D.

 And then came the bike...
I think I caught O in the middle of "AWESOME" here

 This is one happy dude on a Clone Wars bike
 E got a doll
 that's almost as big as she is.

 Sit n' Spin time!

 And here's a pic with me in it just to prove I was there.

Once the hubs got off work (hoo-ray) we headed to Mannie and Grandaddy's for supper and presents.
MM with her toys. LOVE the Olivias!
 E got a doll that drinks a bottle and closes its eyes to go to sleep when its done. Wish real babies were that easy...
 O got a supercool Cat in the Hat game
 Here's Linus with Grandaddy
 The photo books I made on Shutterfly for the grandmothers/great-grandmothers were a HUGE success. If you've never made anything on Shutterfly, I highly reccommend you try it out. They've got cards, books, calendars, anything you can think of to slap a picture on- they've got it. And they were made and shipped to me real quick-like too. Gotta love that.

 E is showing me her baby-
I think she actually said "I've got one tooooo..."

No idea... 
 Then we headed to Ma'am and Pop's...
E got a shopping cart from MalMal-
 And a bike from Ma'am and Pop.
I think hubs is doing all the work here.
 O got new Star Wars boys!
 The Hubs got several t-shirts, some ties and a sweater.
He wanted to model them simultaneously.
 MM got soft squishy play food
 One of these things is not like the other...
 Back home after a LONG day. The setting up of the Batcave was a priority. E was fine to play with a slinky.
And normally, that would have been the end of our evening. We would have gone to bed, anxiously waiting for Santa to come, BUT... since one of Santa's helpers had to work on Christmas Day, our night was actually far from over.
Santa came to our house early this year.
Part II coming soon...

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