Wednesday, December 22, 2010


all done-
 and this is all the wrapping paper I had left.

I just squeaked by with enough.
The white background with the red swirlies was left over from last year, and the red paper with the snowflakes is from the dollar spot at Target a couple weeks ago.
That's right- I spent a total of ONE DOLLAH on wrapping this year. Ribbon was left from last year too- I buy it by the butt-load at Sams.
Of course, you know this means I'll have to start all over next year since nothing is left.
But you see...that's what after Christmas sales are for.

And since I've grown quite fond of posing for the camera with a prop in my hand, I just couldn't go all day and not use the ole self-timer.
MM was my buddy today, running all over town with me.
She is my prop, and she is precious.
I call this pose,
"Young Mother tries to understand the gibberish coming out of her babe's mouth".

Babe's top and pants are Circo from Target
My top/jeans/vest are from the Limited
my earrings are from the Watoto children's choir
my clogs are Dansko

3 more days....
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